* Join The First Pakistan Tourism Dialogue On 16th,17th And 18th April 2019 Venue: PAK-CHINA FRIENDSHIP CENTRE, Islamabad, Pakistan! *

THE STORYBuilding and revamping pakistan tourism

Pakistan’s First Tourism Dialogue.

BrandHook Communications, an advertising agency held one of its grand tourism exhibition in September 2018.We made a segment of “Pakistan Tourism Summit”. Pakistan tourism Summit was the great opportunity for all the travel enthusiast and those who were seeking adventures and inspirations.

Pakistan Tourism Summit was where every one of the specialists were from tourism and travel division. The exchange had the real purposes of the change of tourism division and how we can lift the gauges of tourism in Pakistan. The topic of Pakistan Tourism Summit was to “Elevating Pakistan Tourism Sector” The fundamental features incorporated the talk of culture, nourishment and how we can instigate tourism extraordinarily.

“Pakistan Tourism Summit” took the great hype after the event and made a positive impact over the millennial. Taking this concept further, and how we can uplift the concept of tourism with other components in Pakistan; Syed Uzair Uddin (Founder PTD) came up with an idea of “Pakistan Tourism Dialogue”. Pakistan tourism dialogue will comprise of every segment in terms of Tourism and its kinds. “Pakistan Tourism Dialogue” will open doors for International Travelers as well.

“A great opportunity for tourism, 10+ Speakers, Pictures of all the speakers, 300+ International & Local Delegations, Our people, One Perspective, Pakistan Tourism, Culture, Food, Trends that will elevate, Pakistan Tourism, Our Country, Our Future”.

The opportunity to have a broad spectrum of inbound tourism and Pakistan tourism with the nature perspective as well as the foreign delegations.

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