* Join The First Pakistan Tourism Dialogue On 16th,17th And 18th April 2019 Venue: PAK-CHINA FRIENDSHIP CENTRE, Islamabad, Pakistan! *

THE DIALOGUEBuilding and revamping pakistan tourism

Our world is constantly changing and evolving at such a rapid speed that it is hard to keep up with the pace. Through numerous advancements, different countries are making unknown grounds with effective possibilities that are yet to be discovered in this vast sector of tourism. The mindsets are influenced by travel techniques and budgets and therefore making a positive impact over the society. The Dialogue will comprise of the global speakers, who will share their experience and provide insights regarding the tourism sector off Pakistan. The topic of the Tourism Dialogue will be “Building & Revamping Tourism Sector”, but this time we will take it a step further. Let us not only face the change, let’s just live it freely and even better. Let us be the ones who can lead.

Pakistan’s First Tourism Dialogue.

Our focus at the first tourism dialogue is “Building and Revamping Tourism Sector” in Pakistan. We want to embark the cross-border debates and about the changes in our country and the opportunities that we can create.

So, what exactly is “Building & Revamping Tourism Sector?”

As our research and past event, we realized the depth and complexity of this topic. Nevertheless, in spite of all these articles, and discussion over the topics there was nothing with this norm in our country with a concept of Tourism Dialogue. After further investigation, we realized why it is far too complex and impossible to touch upon every important aspect of tourism in detail

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The country is facing the conventional norms of tourism and how we can overcome these challenges. This is one of our fundamental inquiries. Thus, we have started to conceptualize and have separated our amassed learning, just to wind up with an over-burden whiteboard and turning heads.

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The opportunity to have a broad spectrum of inbound tourism and Pakistan tourism with the nature perspective as well as the foreign delegations.

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