* Join The First Pakistan Tourism Dialogue On 16th,17th And 18th April 2019 Venue: PAK-CHINA FRIENDSHIP CENTRE, Islamabad, Pakistan! *

PTD-2K19Building and revamping pakistan tourism

The experience that matters

Join the first Pakistan Tourism Dialogue with THREE DAY access to the event on the 16th, 17th and 18th of April 2019!


The first day of the dialogue revolves around the two Panel discussions“Domestic Tourism” & “Bilateral Relations”which will be revolving around the different concepts of tourism Industry

The first day also comprises of three workshops that involves an insight “through the lens”, and development of skills through “culinary innovations” and “cultural staff notations”.


Pakistan Tourism Dialogue is the perfect platform for the young generation to learn and explore more about the major destinations of Pakistan. The workshops being offered will enhance the learning and enhance the personal development of students.

Through the lens

An interactive session conducted by reputed photographers of Pakistan, sharing their knowledge and providing guidelines for pursuing photography as a passion through their lens.

• Culinary Innovation

Join us and learn more about our traditional cuisines by being a part of this workshop that will be conducted by renowned chefs of Pakistan.


The second day of the event signifies upon the challenges being encountered by tourists along with the possible solutions to counter these barriers. The Second day of the dialogue comprises of“Pakistan Tourism Investment Forum” & “Commute System in Pakistan” which will further enhance the transformations need to be done in the Tourism Industry.


• Adventure

For all those individuals who are looking forward for an adventure and a thrilling experience, join this workshop to have the time of your life. Explore all the fun-filled activities to make your trips memorable.

• Arts and Crafts

Pakistan is reputable across the globe for its art and crafts that are unique for their cultural value and intricate craftsmanship. Join this workshop for developing your skills and expertise and discover the hidden artist within yourself.


The third day revolves around the panel discussion over the“Innovation and Entrepreneurship tourism” and “Coastal Tourism”.The topic needs to be in the lime light.



The perfect opportunity for the youth of our country to meet their favorite Vloggers and Bloggers. Learn the art of blogging and vlogging from some of the growing names of our country.

• Cultural Staff Notations

Add more feel to your soul by attending this workshop that will be chaired by some of the leading renowned folk singers of our country.

Discover, Explore, Act And Inspire